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Friday, 12 October 2012

Objectives of BPM … Therefore Quantum™ Style

The objectives of Business Process Management, and the role that Therefore Quantum™ plays in meeting these objectives, is detailed below:

Continuous Improvement

To remain competitive, your business needs to continually reinvent itself. Therefore Quantum™ will allow you to identify areas where your business is subject to process failure. The Therefore ThreadBuilder™ Application can then be used to rapidly implement process refinements.

Turnaround Time

To improve your business' ability to retain Customers, it is imperative that queries are resolved promptly. Therefore Quantum™ provides you with a platform to ensure that queries are resolved rapidly and that the resolution process remains visible to Management.

Process Compliance

To improve your business' ability to operate in a low cost, Customer-centric manner, it is imperative that it consistently follows optimised processes. Therefore Quantum™ enforces process compliance.

Reference Number

When Customers raise queries, it is imperative that they are given reference numbers. Similarly, to optimise your ability to control the execution of tasks, it is essential that tasks are awarded reference numbers. Therefore Quantum™ supports this requirement.

Ability to Audit

It is best practice that record is maintained of the way in which businesses make their decisions. Therefore Quantum™ ensures that every detail of the query resolution / task execution lifecycle is retained and available for future review.

Improved Debtors Book

Customers will generally not settle invoices on which outstanding queries exist. Therefore Quantum™ will enable you to close queries more rapidly, allowing for the collection of the underlying debt.

Further, where queries do occur, they are used to drive Continuous improvement. This will make queries less likely to occur in the future, enhancing the collectability of your debtor's book.


BPM systems can be used to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your Suppliers, Service Providers, Departments and Staff, and then to measure performance relative to these KPIs. Therefore Quantum™ supports this requirement.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

What is Business Process Management … Therefore Quantum™ Style

Businesses exist to perform a defined set of activities that result in them delivering sustained value.

Those businesses that consistently perform their core activities more effectively than their competitors tend to provide Customers with more value, have higher levels of Customer satisfaction, retain Customers for longer and, over a period of time, gain significant market. The recipes that businesses use to guide the performances of their core activities are referred to as "Processes".

A business' processes constitute one of its most valuable assets, as they are the embodiment of all past learning. The more efficient and effective these processes are, the greater their ability to translate into Customer value, profit and consequently, the greater their asset value.

BPM systems allow for processes to be rapidly modelled. Once modelled, BPM systems can be used to facilitate process execution. The Therefore Quantum™ System refers to modelled processes as "Tasks".

Typically, BPM systems enable the rapid modelling of processes without introducing the need to write code, thereby reducing the time lag between the initiation of a BPM project and the resulting benefits.

Further, given that market dynamics are ever changing, a business' processes need to be continually revised. The Therefore ThreadBuilder™ Application enables the rapid creation and modification of processes, thereby ensuring that your business' processes remain in synergy with the needs of your market.
Best practice dictates that all service outages are recorded, resolved and then analysed to allow for the identification of repeat process failure – a discipline referred to as "Continuous Improvement". Businesses that fail to embrace Continuous Improvement tend to sell products and services that are not market aligned, which has a detrimental impact on their performance. Therefore Quantum™ has been designed to support the implementation of a Continuous Improvement strategy.

Therefore Quantum™ allows for process failures to be resolved by means of specialised processes referred to as "Queries". Further, Therefore Quantum™ can be used to analyse query volumes and identify which processes need to be reviewed to ensure that they are rendered less error prone.