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Friday, 28 December 2012

What’s in a name?

We are frequently asked why we called our company “Therefore Strategic Technology Services”. Folks have developed some pretty good theories … and we may borrow bits and pieces of them someday.

The reality stands, we are not going to give away the secret that easily, so you are going to have to keep guessing.

As a teaser, consider the following definition for the word “Therefore”. It may give you a few clues ;)

[thair-fawr, -fohr]  Show IPA

in consequence of that; as a result; consequently: I think; therefore I am.

1125–75; Middle English ther fore,  variant of therfor therefor

hence, whence. THEREFORE, WHEREFORE, ACCORDINGLY, CONSEQUENTLY, SO, THEN all introduce a statement resulting from, or caused by, what immediately precedes. THEREFORE (for this or that reason) and WHEREFORE (for which reason) imply exactness of reasoning; they are especially used in logic, law, mathematics, etc., and in a formal style of speaking or writing. ACCORDINGLY (in conformity with the preceding) and CONSEQUENTLY (as a result, or sequence, or effect of the preceding), although also somewhat formal, occur mainly in less technical contexts. So (because the preceding is true or this being the case) and THEN (since the preceding is true) are informal or conversational in tone.

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