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Friday, 22 November 2013

The power of evolution & a picture that tells a story

We are firm believers that there are two ways of achieving anything – by evolution, or by revolution. The notion of evolution is of particular interest to the Therefore Team. In short, we believe that small tweaks can add up to a huge impact, if the tweaks are oriented towards a clear strategic vision. The trick is the strategic vision. Without it, the small tweaks are pretty much guaranteed to take you nowhere in particular. They will, however, keep you busy!

Before we started developing the Therefore Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) we spent a lot of time defining a clear strategic vision for the product. The initial release was undoubtedly revolutionary … but the real magic has been what we achieved after the initial release, through the power of evolution.

We have been taking market feedback for a period of some 13 years and using it to drive a continual cycle of refinement. Every week we make between 10 and 20 small refinements to the Therefore BPM Suite. In a year that amounts to about 780 refinements. The Therefore BPMS has been under continual refinement for the last 13 years, which translates into some 10,140 refinements. What would you expect if you refined something 10,140 times? Trust me, the impact is huge … but it requires commitment and a clear strategic vision.

The bottom line … when it comes to bringing life to your strategic vision, don’t forget to bring well oriented tweaks into the mix. Make the principle of “a well oriented tweak” a part of your strategic conversation and corporate culture. Not easy I know, but perhaps it starts with you!

Now for something slightly different, but stick with me … it will make sense.

Over the years there have been a myriad of questions regarding the Therefore logo and, true to form, we have been very cagey on giving away too much detail. Perhaps it’s time for a clue.

If you look at the Therefore logo, it implies a process of invention and refinement – a journey of discovery. You can almost see it come to life. The logo talks to our commitment to the belief that small refinements made within the context of a clear strategic vision unlock significant value.

We would like to accompany you on your journey of discovery. 

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