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Sunday, 7 March 2021

Therefore BPMS Version 6 Changes

Every week we make between 10 and 20 small refinements to the Therefore BPM Suite. In a year that amounts to about 780 refinements. The Therefore BPMS has been under continual refinement for the last 15 years, which translates into some 11 700 refinements. What would you expect if you refined something 11 700 times?
What follows is an overview of the core enhancements made during the course of the development of the 6th release of the Therefore BPMS application, which should give you an idea of the type of value that we are continually adding to the Therefore BPMS.

Activate Optional Features Screen

  • Introduce new “Availability Configuration” options in support of the new “Availability Management” functionality, as detailed under the Availability Management heading below.
  • Revise page headers
  • Revise instruction text

Availability Management

  • Introduce new “Enable sign in availability review for Out of Office Users” functionality with the following radio options as per the Activate Optional Features screen …
  1. Enforce “In Office” status on sign in … or …
  2. Provide the user with a screen that encourages availability status to be changed to “In Office”

Public Pages

  • Revise styling of Navigation buttons to indicate active button.
  • Revise styling of Action buttons to indicate default / suggested choice.
  • Ensure that the “enter” key triggers the default / suggested Action button.

Task Summary

  • Should the “General click activation / Review” option be active, disable the “General click activation / Review” for the currently active task / query.

Help Tab

  • Revise “Site Credits” button text
  • Revise “Site Credits” page header.

System Administration Scripts

  • Introduce a new script that archives orphaned attachments.
  • Introduce a new script that deletes tasks and queries that were closed more than 8 years ago.
  • Revise instruction text.

Manage Reporting Screen

  • Correct an error that occurs when the “Manage Reporting” screen is saved that results in all spaces being removed in the “Headings” field. 

Quick Search

  • Make the “Welcome to Search” instructions displayed under the “Quick Search Results” option collapsible.

Reassign Utility

  • Resolve the error that occurred if an “Out of Office” User utilised the “Reassign” utility which, under certain circumstances, resulted in the task / query erroneously running into a yellow error status.
  • Implement Therefore ThreadBuilder™ configurable “Always allow for Self-Assigning” functionality that allows selected Users to always have “Self-Assigning” rights should they have access to the task / query company under question.

Therefore ThreadBuilder™

  • Introduce an “Always allow for Self-Assigning” configurative dropdown which contains a listing of active User Groups to a “Thread Type” level “Reassign” tab.
  • Various narration placement refinements.

User Groups

  • Introduce an “Always allow for Self-Assigning” Confirm Action message / check on the “User Groups” screen.

Task / Query Close Screen

  • Correct the erroneous task error status that is awarded to a task / query should an “Out of Office” User attempt to close a task / query that is allocated to him / her.

Performance Screen

  • Implement various styling refinements to the light blue style sheet to improve the attractiveness / readability of the Dashboard’s “Performance” option.
  • Revise headings so as to replace the phrase “Thread Type” with the phrase “Task Type”.

Updating Spinner

  • Implement various styling refinements to the common style sheet to improve the attractiveness of the “Updating Spinner”.
  • Correct the error that results in the “Updating Spinner” shutting off prematurely, particularly noticeable on “large load” pages.

Thread Check

  • Revise the “No available buttons error” Thread Check so that stranded Entry Types are excluded from the Thread Check error determination logic.

Timeout Error

  • Resolve the error that occasionally occurs on some instances of the software when the session times out.

Style Sheets

  • Remove legacy style sheets that are no longer used …
  1. Alternate
  2. Wide_19
  3. Large
  • Various style sheet revisions to improve end user experience

Report Viewer

  • Various text changes made to the “Report Usage” section of the “Report Viewer”.

Database Management

  • Implement database changes to accommodate for the implementation of the “Always allow for Self-Assigning” refinement made to the “Reassign” utility (Script 143)
  • Implement a stored procedure to accommodate the new “delete tasks and queries closed more than 8 years ago” System Administration Script (Script 144)

Copyright Management

  • Update Email Templates such that they indicate © 2021.
  • Update the Therefore ThreadBuilder™ application such that it indicates © 2021.
  • Update the Report Viewer such that it indicates © 2021.
  • Update the Web application such that it indicates © 2021 in the following contexts …
  1. Unauthenticated / public screens
  2. Authenticated screens
  3. Print and PDF screens
  4. Report Viewer screen
  • Update the following style sheets so as to indicate © 2021 …
  1. Public Style Sheet
  2. Light Blue Style Sheet
  3. Common Style Sheet
  4. Print Style Sheet

Version Management

  • Update Web version number to 6.x.x.x.
  • Update Therefore ThreadBuilder™ version number to 6.x.x.x.
  • Update Service version number to 6.x.x.x.

Release Information
Compile date: 3/2/2021
Code version: 6.0.7731.27319
Database version: 20210228.144

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