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Saturday, 6 December 2014

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Breaking Silo Mentality

Ask CEOs what the number one innovation killer is and the odds are more than even that the answer will be “silo mentality”. Again, ask them what the biggest reason is for the failure to deliver on strategy and the phrase “silo mentality” is likely to turn up again ... Click to read

Great innovation quotations

"Great innovation quotations" says it all ... Click to read

Is poor service your Customer’s fault?

Some time ago a blog article caught my attention. The gist of the article was that if you are receiving poor Customer service, it may well be that you are simply a bad Customer. Initially I was a little irritated by the thought, but after thinking it through, I decided that aspects of the argument hold true ... Click to read

If  everyone is accountable ... no one is accountable 

Disclaimer: - I am in no way responsible for the content of this article. Any errors, exaggerations or omissions are someone else’s fault. In fact … I deny having written it. Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about accountability ... Click to read

If the writing is on the wall … read it!

I have of late been reading the Neil Young autobiography - Waging Heavy Peace. As a heads up, if you are a Neil Young fan, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable read. In Waging Heavy Peace, Young raises the impact that the introduction of the MP3 format has had on the music industry. Coupled with the Internet as a distribution model, the MP3 format has seen the music industry literally fall off a cliff ... Click to read

Clem Sunter's 21st Century Megatrends

Now that we are entering the fourteenth year of the current century, some of the megatrends shaping this century have become evident. As a 21st century fox, here is my top 10 list bearing in mind that these megatrends will apply for all global economic and political scenarios. In other words, they are universal rules of the game, not variables that may or may not come into play depending on which scenario you choose. I have also run them by my fellow fox, Chantell Ilbury ... Click to read

The power of evolution & a picture that tells a story

We are firm believers that there are two ways of achieving anything – by evolution, or by revolution. The notion of evolution is of particular interest to the Therefore Team. In short, we believe that small tweaks can add up to a huge impact, if the tweaks are oriented towards a clear strategic vision. The trick is the strategic vision. Without it, the small tweaks are pretty much guaranteed to take you nowhere in particular. They will, however, keep you busy ... Click to read

What's in a name? Good, Cheap and Fast

Consider a triangle with three corners. Draw a dot on each corner … and you have the Therefore symbol, assuming that you have one dot at the top and two dots below it. Interestingly enough … turn the Therefore symbol on its head … and you get the symbol for Because. Now, let’s give the dots names … Good, Cheap and Fast ... Click to read

Great leadership quotations

"Great leadership quotations" says it all ... Click to read

The Art and Science of an Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a short / precise overview of your business and its products and / or services, typically prepared as a sales tool. It’s imperative that you have a well-rehearsed elevator pitch ready for when opportunity strikes. An elevator pitch can be one of most powerful weapons in your sales arsenal and it costs you virtually nothing to prepare one ... Click to read
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